Educational Services

Educational Services

PPC, support students and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder  and their families. Providing programs such as,

Learning support by qualified special needs teachers who support students with disorders at our clinic is also described in the chart below,

Disability : Area of difficulty: Symptoms include: Example of problem areas:
Dyslexia Processing language Reading, Writing, Spelling Confusing letter names and sounds, difficulties blending sounds into words, slow rate of reading, trouble remembering after reading texts
Dysgraphia Written expression Handwriting, spelling and written composition Illegible handwriting, difficulty organizing ideas for writing, getting ideas into written format
Dyscalculia Math skills Computation Remembering math facts Concepts of time and money Difficulty learning to count by odds or evens, 2,3 or 4.  Poor mental math skills, problems with spatial directions
Fine motor skills Trouble with use of scissors, buttons, drawing Coordination manual dexterity

Our psychologist and learning support specialist can asses your child(s) if they are having difficulties at school. Please make an appointment with one of our specialists by,

Using the Online appointment link 

Email us:

Phone either, 

Melbourne local call: 044 726 2130

Hong Kong local call: 6779 2357