Autism Workshop

The Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) –  14 November 2015 is Full. 

Please continue to send in your application forms for the next ASD workshop  -  15 January 2016 there are a few seats still available .

Celebrating: Autism Spectrum Disorder – Asperger

Date: 16 January 2016

Time: 10 am till 5pm

Where:  22 Floor, 3 Lochart Road, Hong Kong

Cost: $2299.00

Early bird special offer: $1998.00

Early bird offer is available until 1 December, 2015

Please reply by completing the application form.

Presenter – Deborah Cameron

Deborah-IMG-20130912-WA0002-copy-4Deborah Cameron has been an advocate for children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder for many years in Australia and in Asia. (ASD) is a wide spectrum with varying symptoms, which impacts those with the disorder in different ways. Therefore, there are not two individuals with ASD that would necessarily present with the same symptoms.

As an Educator and Psychotherapist in this specialist role she has worked in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore supporting with children and adults with ASD and their families. She has worked at Professional Development Centre as a Lecturer and an Educational Psychotherapist. In her career she has also been involved in supporting International Schools in the Asian region that embraced equality and inclusion for all students in their schools.

Deborah has provided support to students with ASD transitioning from secondary  school into university or TAFE. Transitioning from secondary to higher education can be challenging and disorientating for students with ASD. Early intervention and the right support can and does make a difference for individuals with ASD.

Deborah holds the following degrees, M.PET, M.Couns (Psych), M.SpEdNds and is a member of ASSE, MACA since 2001, College of Supervision, College of Clinical Counsellors and registered with VIT Australia.