About Us


Welcome to PPC support services for children and adults.

Our services are delivered both online and face to face at locations in Melbourne and Hong Kong, or you can book an online appointment.

We have rooms in Melbourne and Hong Kong for face to face contact and our online services are accessed by booking on line or sending us an email with details of type of service and date preferred.

We hope that you find our services helpful whether it is at our rooms in Melbourne, Hong Kong or online. We welcome your feedback, please email us at <ppc@ppcentre.com>

Psynaptic Psychology Centre’s  (PPC) face to face support for children or group work is provided by our staff who pride themselves is helping children with learning issues reach their academic goals.  We can prepare Individual Education Programs to support your child. Visiting your child’s school is a positive option that is helpful to us and your child’s teachers. This can be arranged by us directly with your child’s school. We can also arrange specific assessments for your child with our Psychologist.

PPC also offer their clients with easy access counselling online, which is much the same as face to face counselling.  It saves time in traveling and is convenient for some individuals that may have difficulty arranging transport or may prefer not to attend a clinical environment. It is an option for those that suffer with anxiety or physical disability.

An appointment can be booked for a time of convenience,  with a preferred team member through our online professional booking system, access us online using our video communication system.

All sessions are confidential

We ask our clients to complete a confidentiality and informed consent form at the beginning of their first session. This form is signed by both the clinician during the first session. The therapist will introduce themselves in person and provide their email address for you to send any questions that you would like answered before the next session.

Our team of qualified counsellors, psychologists and educators are all registered members of professional associations, government bodies and or societies and have a minimum of 10 years of clinical practice dealing with many types of disorders and counselling issues such as depression, anxiety, social skills, workplace and relationship issues.

Our team members support adults and children that have disorders such as, autism spectrum, ADHD and Specific Learning Disabilities /difficulties.

Contact us:

E: admin@pdcentre.com.au

W: Book an Online Appointment

P: 0447262130 or +852 6779 2357